How our process works:

1 We meet.  We want to make sure that our services are in line with your goals.  Are we a good fit?  If yes, we proceed to step 2.

2 Develop your vision.  We dive into all those goals and hopes and dreams you have for the future and also address your worries and “What if?” concerns.  We ask fundamental questions that give us a better understanding of your time horizon and tolerance for risk.

3 Create your plan.  Based on your input from step 2, we create an individualized plan that addresses each one of your goals, and we offer tax-efficient strategies to help you succeed.

4 Execute your plan.  Once you’ve approved all of the aspects of your plan, we walk you through the paperwork of implementing it.  Then, to ensure you feel comfortable and confident, we can take you step by step through your account statements.

5 Monitor frequently.  It may seem obvious, but ignoring a financial plan once it’s set up means you miss out on key opportunities to adjust your plan along the way.  Our goal is to engage you in frequent monitoring of your plan, helping you have every possible financial advantage.

Contact us today to find out more about our financial planning process and learn how a sound financial plan can help you achieve your goals.