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Our Approach

How the Process Works

At TSS Wealth Management, we are committed to delivering better value, choice and results for our clients. We use a goal-based approach that considers your personal needs, with appropriate time frame to achieve these, and the level of risk you wish to take. Our streamlined process blends this information to create your personal strategy and lifetime financial roadmap. This approach is centered around a five-step process that always serves in our clients’ best interest.”

1. Introduction: 
The first meeting provides us an opportunity to listen to the client’s needs and goals. We share a background of our firm, processes and philosophies.

2. Information Gathering: 
The Discovery process helps us learn more about the client's specific situation so we can accurately access and address present and ongoing needs.

3. Strategy Development:
We will take the needs identified during the Discovery Meeting and design a customized tax-sensitive strategy to address all of our client’s financial needs.

4. Implementation:
We then put the strategy to work by implementing a comprehensive set of solutions that aligns with solving the client’s needs.

5. Monitoring: 
On a regularly occurring schedule, we will monitor and adapt your plan as needed to keep up with life’s many changes.

Your Custom Engagement

We offer different levels of engagement for our clients to help as many people as possible pursue financial peace of mind. Our custom engagements include:

1.  Single Service - 

We can help you address a particular financial issue, such as investment management or insurance.

2. Holistic Service -

We can help you address multiple needs, such as managing your investments, developing an income strategy during retirement, building a buy-sell agreement for your business, or saving for your children’s education. We will meet with you on an annual basis to access your financial picture and recommend any advantageous changes.

3. Premium Ongoing Service -

We are happy to work with you to create a customized lifetime financial plan and then meet with you on a quarterly basis to evaluate progress, discuss new developments, and make appropriate adjustments. These seasonal quarterly meetings consist of: 

  • Quarter 1 (Goal Tracking) -  Reviewing financial goals & progress
  • Quarter 2 (Asset Allocation*) - Review & update risk tolerance and investment mix
  • Quarter 3 (Family Security and Cash Flow) - Review cash flow, spending, insurance coverage, estate planning & employer benefits
  • Quarter 4 (Tax Planning) -Review tax strategies, implications and options to tax liabilities 

* Asset allocation does not assure or guarantee better performance and cannot eliminate the risk of investment losses.

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