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Partnering with CPA Firm Tyler, Simms and St. Sauveur, CPA, PC

We are aligned with, and housed in the offices of, Tyler, Simms & St Sauveur, CPA’s, PC, one of the Upper Valley’s largest and most respected accounting firms. This unique pedigree allows us to advise on tax, business, and personal implications of your financial decisions and help plan for your success. 

TSS Wealth Management is one of the few firms that takes a tax-centric approach to investments and financial planning. At the end of the day, it is not how much you make, but rather, how much you keep. In addition to our expertise on tax-optimized investments, we provide legacy and estate planning, distribution and retirement planning, business planning, education funding and risk management services.

Our mission is simple: to provide independent, holistic, tax centric financial advice that aligns with our valued clients’ own goals and priorities. We are confident in the ability to serve your specific needs and goals.

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