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Financial Planning

We offer two different types of financial planning services for our clients.

 1. Financial Plan Only Service

Most Appropriate for clients who: Just want a current picture of their financial status and want recommendations of solutions to accomplish specific goals.

Client Service Offering: Scheduled meetings during the financial plan creation process only.

What to expect from TSS: Creation of initial financial plan with recommendations to pursue your goals.

2.  Seasonal Model Service 

Most Appropriate for clients who: Want an ongoing advisory relationship that aligns their financial goals and values with their financial plan. Clients also wish to take an active, collaborative role in the financial planning process to achieve a successful result.

Client Service Offering: Four scheduled meetings, once per quarter (in person or virtual)

  • Quarter 1 (Goal Tracking) - Reviewing financial goals & progress
  • Quarter 2 (Asset Allocation*) - Review & update risk tolerance and investment mix
  • Quarter 3 (Family Security and Cash Flow) - Review cash flow, spending, insurance coverage, estate planning & employer benefits
  • Quarter 4 (Tax Planning) -Review tax strategies, implications and options to tax liabilities

What to expect from TSS: Ongoing review of goals and personal financial plans with annual update of financial plan.

*Asset allocation does not assure or guarantee better performance and cannot eliminate the risk of investment losses.

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