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Distribution and Retirement Planning

Retirees who have prepared for their retirement usually rely upon three main sources of income: Social Security, individual or employer sponsored programs, and their own savings or investments. We carefully design a specific, tax efficient strategy that last a lifetime by:

  • Using a Social Security Analysis Tool to show your best options of when to take Social Security.
  • Collaborating with you to define your retirement and income goals.
  • Designing a specific distribution plan that is tax efficient, low volatility and based on your risk tolerance.
  • Using a Monte Carlo Analysis so we know your money will last throughout your lifetime.
  • Monitoring on a quarterly basis.

Employer-sponsored plans for Business

Because many of our clients are business owners, we are also equipped to design and manage their companies’ retirement programs.  With in-house third-party administrative capabilities, this service not only helps our clients’ employees, but also maximizes tax benefits to the owners themselves.  We are experienced in managing such features as employer-matching contributions, special programs for highly compensated employees, and others.  

Have you had a professional analysis done to determine if your personal retirement programs will offer you the potential to retire with a peace of mind?

Why Medicare Should Be Part of Your Retirement Strategy

Why Medicare Should Be Part of Your Retirement Strategy

How Medicare can address health care needs in your retirement strategy.

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