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Dealer Reinsurance

Client Centered

A reinsurance investment account is not an everyday, run of the mill product, and it is not offered by most wealth management firms in the country.  Because of our close working relationship with Tyler, Simms, and St. Sauveur, CPAs, and their team of dealership specialists, we are very familiar with the intricacies of these accounts.  We have taken the time necessary to ensure that the accounts are set up correctly, all legal requirements are met, and restrictions are in place where necessary to ensure proper segregation of earned and unearned premiums.  We will work with you on both of those accounts to safely maximize your return on investment and minimize the current tax impact.

Whether you are a dealer with a reinsurance company, or an agent with your own company, we can help.  If you operate in an industry that sells extended warranties, or protection plans on the products you sell, and you want to establish a reinsurance company, we are prepared to help you through the process.  Contact us for more information.